Jain Sites In Bihar


80 km east of Patna and 38 km of Rajgir. It is also known as quot;Apapuri". A great pilgrimage centre of Jains where Mahavira Teerthankar, the greatest propounder of Jainism delivered his last sermon , took Mahaprinirvana and was cremated here. This sinless town is a very sacred Jain pilgrimage center and is also famous for the two beautiful Temples viz Jalmandir and Samosharan.


Parasnath the highest hill in Bihar (height of 4,480 ft) is situated on the eastern margin of Hazaribagh Plateau. The hill is an abode of both Swetamber and Digamber Jains. There are many beautiful Jain temples. 23 out of 24 Tirthankaras are believed to have attained salvation in the Sammetasikhara of the Parasnath hills. Parasvanatha, the 23rd Thirthankara was very popular among the tribal population of Chotanagpur. He is identified by the snake king Dharanendra who's many hoods protect the meditating Thirthankar.